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Bath Spaces: Inspired by Lifestyle

Today’s bath space has evolved from being mere utility into a personal and lifestyle dictating space. Urban dwellers today place a high value on bath spaces.

Design Quality

We see a dramatic increase in the bath space size itself with bathrooms of 50 -100 square feet floor area or even larger being the trend. There is a distinct shift in the quality of bath space with the increased area providing better design freedom and more defined wet and dry areas. Large mirrors, expansive vanities, picture windows, indoor greenery and skylights are being deployed to induce the right character to the bath space.

Material Magic

Homeowners are spoilt for choice with newer materials and well-designed products easily accessible. High-density porcelain, acrylic solid surface, wood plastic composites and compressed kraft paper boards are few among the new material options for surface finish and furniture inside bath spaces. Traditional pigmented cement and oxide surface finishes, natural stones, slates and timber provide timeless quality when used with clear protective coatings. Keeping the palette minimal can achieve a sophisticated allure.

Product Range

There are hundreds of products to choose from multiple brands at various price points. Water saving, sensor and thermostat based products have become popular. We also see supporting development in plumbing technologies to match the advanced toilet fittings like trendy drains, flush systems, booster pumps and water heaters with electronic controls. Our traditional wood fired ‘Hande’ or brass vessel for heating water is a privilege. Luxury bathrooms include a whirlpool, bathtub, hydro spa, and steam cubicle for relaxation and wellness.

Personality Check

Homeowners could do some introspection of their personalities while deciding the material palette. Are you the rustic slate and natural timber kind of person? Or does high-gloss coloured glass and acrylic solid surface inspire you? Do you love a spa like meditative flavor or a bright and peppy feel of space? Any palette can be your personal style statement independent of current trends. Choose from stone, copper, glass, resin, ceramic or engineered wood basins. Add a weighing scale, an aroma dispenser, a banana fiber laundry basket and assortment of handmade ceramic or wooden counter top accessories. Let this space be intimate, personal and inspiring for you. Don't shy away from placing framed quotes and pictures, books etc. A medicine cum toiletries cabinet, hair dryer, clock, vase, towel rack, robe hooks and hangers, trash bin are few other accessories one could add to this space without cluttering up.

Space Extension

There is a blurred boundary between the bedroom or walk-in-closet and the bathroom. Bath space thus becomes a natural extension of the décor of rest of the home. When designed with care and professional help, this space can contribute to efficiency and comfort.

Mood Lighting

An assortment of LED lighting solutions could be used to create mood lighting or chromo therapy without worries of water or steam spoiling them. Include dimmers to lights for comfortable use during night time.
While designing and executing bath spaces spend enough time ensuring segregation of dry and wet areas, fixture mounting heights, choice of appropriate faucet to suit the basin. Use the right drain configuration to suit high flow showers and fixtures.